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Industrial Swing Gate Opener

Industrial Swing Gate Opener

* Ideal for swing gates of different sizes: 2 to 5 m in length per leaf.
* Quick, easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls or fences.
* Strong motorised driving screw, guarantee steady operation
* Mechanical limit switch, the opening angle adjusted inside the cover of motor

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1. Door switch limit: Using e-learning limit, learning is simpler and more convenient.

2. Superior security performance: It adopts rolling code remote control, no re-code, anti-theft code, good security performance, safe and reliable, and one remote control can control one or two doors separately.

3. Soft start, soft stop function: slow start, stop slow start, slow stop time adjustable, effective part of the Austrian start, stop impact on the door, lower noise, longer life

4. The size is adjustable and the safety is good.

5. Delay automatic closing function: When the user forgets to close the door, the door can be automatically viewed and the security function is thoughtful.

6. Power-off opening and closing function: In the event of power failure, the door can be easily opened and closed by the clutch key. When the call is made, the door can be opened and closed directly by electric operation.

7. Single-arm adjustable mode: It can realize the function of opening and closing a single door, and it can also realize the function of opening and closing two doors at the same time.

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