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  • Sectional Garage Door StrIPe Pattern

    Sectional Garage Door StrIPe Pattern

    *Double layer galvanized steel sheet, hot zinc plated, longer-life painting, filled with polyurethane foam, into 40-50mm thickness door panel, guarantee the longer life garage door
    *Imitational grain wood surface available
    *Finger-protection structure, ideal...

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  • Rectangular Pattern Garage Door

    Rectangular Pattern Garage Door

    1. Finger-protection Safety Design & Insulated Panels;
    2. Available panel thickness is 40mm, and 50mm;
    3. Various Door Size & Door Color can be made according to clients' request, maximum width/length of door can be made up to 12.00 Meters;

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  • French Country Style Aluminum Garage Doors

    French Country Style Aluminum Garage Doors

    •Beautiful and Durable: Be made of high quality material and be elaborate;
    •Safe: design of protecting hand and preventing fracture;
    •Automatic: wireless remote control;
    •Humanized design: offer manual control;

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  • Imitated Wooden Garage Door

    Imitated Wooden Garage Door

    1.Size and color are customized
    2.Low headroom parts like rear spring available
    3.Manual and emergency lock if power off.
    4.Safety system: Spring break safety brackets, cable break safety brackets, air bottom optional.

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  • Solid Wood Garage Door

    Solid Wood Garage Door

    1) Advantage of sectional door: open vertically upwards,parallel to the ceiling; it can make full use of space inside.
    2) Good warm keeping effect: sandwich panel, environmental protection foam material.
    3) Good Seals: sealing strip around and built-in can...

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  • Teak Wood Garage Door

    Teak Wood Garage Door

    *Pure handcrafted from top quality douglas fir, strong durable timber with beautiful grain and aging treatment
    *Painting any color as you like
    *Available with both custom and contemporary designs, making them perfect for custom home builders, new home...

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  • Teak Wood Lux Garage Door

    Teak Wood Lux Garage Door

    All the panels had been fumigated at high temperature and done the dry and crack dealings. Meanwhile, the panel was insertly fixed by Mosaic Structure, the panel and the aluminum alloy structure had been integrated together.

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  • Automatic Wooden Garage Door

    Automatic Wooden Garage Door

    The door shape: strip, one line, flat and box shape.
    The door motive: wood grain and flat.
    The color: RAL9001/9010(white), RAL6009(dark green), RAL7016(coal ash), RAL8014(brown), and Golden oak.

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  • Solid Panel Garage Door

    Solid Panel Garage Door

    New technology armor plate imported from Korea, the surface layer of it dopt latest nanotechnology, acid-resistantantibacterial, seft-clean function. maintain intrinsic color in any case.

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  • Real Wood Garage Door

    Real Wood Garage Door

    1.elegant appearance :The surface with the natural veins, elegant white painting assorts with verious environmental color, make inner ray of garage be bright and tendernes.
    2.save space:only a very small part of the bottom panel of our door will hang down when the door...

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  • Custom Wood Garage Doors

    Custom Wood Garage Doors

    1, Sectional garage door is widely used in everyone's garage,it has the function of open and close easily.
    2, Anti-theft security :Special internal structure of the roll-the-art security technology code higher performance; keep the room warm, enhance the value of your...

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  • Automatic Teak Wood Garage Door

    Automatic Teak Wood Garage Door

    1.Strong steel structure,solidity and non deformability.
    2.Sealed tube at the bottom and two side to prevent the seepage of rainwater inside
    3.Special technology for the wood to prevent damp and corrosion.
    4.Sealed tube at the bottom to prevent...

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