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  • In-ground Swing Door Drive

    In-ground Swing Door Drive

    * Heavy load capacity, concealed mounted in ground, beautify the building’s entrance
    * Motor weather-proof, separate control box, free maintenance
    * Push & go function allow pedestrian to push/collide the door roughly, no damage, no malfunction
    * Support...

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  • Automatic Sliding Door Operator

    Automatic Sliding Door Operator

    * Superior microprocessor technology precisely controls the door wing’s running speed, travel distance, with beautiful operation curve
    * Reliable guardian function: If detects illegal door opening attempt, the motor will enhance the force to make the door stay closed...

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  • Spring Close Swing Door Operator

    Spring Close Swing Door Operator

    * Motor or manual open, spring close, meet the requirement of European fire-control door under power failure
    * Motor imported from Germany, perfect and reliable performance
    * Push & go function allow pedestrian to push the door roughly, no damage, no...

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  • Shop Garage Door Openers

    Shop Garage Door Openers

    *Automatic open softly, quiet and stable operation
    *Automatic closure function setting available
    *Self-lock in closure position
    *Manual release in case of power failure

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  • AC and DC Rolling Door Opener

    AC and DC Rolling Door Opener

    *High intensity alloy steel gear
    *Unique mechanical brake, guarantee absolutely safe and immediate brake on power cut
    *Superior anti-fall safety device avoid the damage and injury in case of chain break
    *Easy-adjusted limit switch enables the precise...

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  • Rolling Shutter Door Opener

    Rolling Shutter Door Opener

    *Waterproof design, self learn reverse force set, courtesy light, LED display
    *The advanced switch power instead of transformer make the power consumption lower and the circuit board is more reliable

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  • Residential DC Swing Gate Operator

    Residential DC Swing Gate Operator

    * Ideal for swing gates of different sizes: 2 to 5 m in length per leaf.
    * Quick, easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls or fences.
    * Strong motorised driving screw, guarantee steady operation
    * Mechanical limit switch,...

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  • Oil Bath Sliding Gate Opener

    Oil Bath Sliding Gate Opener

    * Oil-bathed heavy duty AC motor, 100% sealability, easy for cooling, ideal for intensive use
    * Bronze gear guarantee the strong transmission and 10 years mechanical lifetime
    * Reverse against any obstruction, 100% guardian for pedestrian

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  • Automatic 2-wing Revolving Door

    Automatic 2-wing Revolving Door

    The 2 wings revolving door is a fine combination of automatic sliding door revolving door and luxury exhibition box which integrates the advantages of sliding door and revolving door perfectly.

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  • 3 Wings Commercial Entrance Revolving Doors

    3 Wings Commercial Entrance Revolving Doors

    *Advancing outer curve wall load-bearing structure, much more steady than the post load-bearing model
    *LED screen human-computer interaction interface, easy for initializing and adjusting. Installer can shoot the trouble by ERROR CODE displayed on LCD

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  • Automatic Crystal Revolving Sensor Door

    Automatic Crystal Revolving Sensor Door

    *A classic product which offers another solution to the professional and diversified entrances of buildings, providing a harmonious, elegant, bright and clear appearance
    *An entire glass product, and the door leaves, door wings, ceiling and even the security door are...

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  • Sectional Transparent Door

    Sectional Transparent Door

    *Unique transparent, elegant aluminum alloy profile frame
    *Germany-made PC window, thickness 3mm-5mm, UV proof
    *200 times stronger anti-impulsive force than normal glass, the door resist the impact of external force and will not easily be damaged

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