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  • Electric Window Shutters

    Electric Window Shutters

    * Oil-bathed heavy duty AC motor, 100% sealability, easy for cooling, ideal for intensive use
    * Bronze gear guarantee the strong transmission and 10 years mechanical lifetime
    * Reverse against any obstruction, 100% guardian for pedestrian

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  • Electric Chain Actuator

    Electric Chain Actuator

    * Aluminum housing, color painting (grey, white, black, silver)
    * Safe operating low voltage 24VDC
    * Built-in overload and over-current protection
    * 10,000 cycles lifetime

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  • Screw Jack Window Opener

    Screw Jack Window Opener

    * Aluminum housing, stainless steel rod, beautiful appearance
    * Corrosion-resistant thanks to the special treatment on the screw rod
    * Excellent self-latch function, weather and burglary resistant
    * Built-in overload and over-current protection

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  • Linear Window Actuator

    Linear Window Actuator

    * Small motor linear actuator with ACME screws, built-in Micro switch and an internal diode
    * Can automatically stop and enable to change the direction by simply reversing the applied voltage polarity.
    * Stroke length can be customized. Switches are not made to...

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  • Sliding Curtain Motor

    Sliding Curtain Motor

    *Wireless remote control, built-in receiver
    *Electronic limit switch, set the opening and closing limit for the curtain when power on
    *The curtain motor stops against resistance, high safety to avoid accident
    *Pull the curtain to open/close when power...

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