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In-ground Swing Door Drive

* Heavy load capacity, concealed mounted in ground, beautify the building’s entrance
* Motor weather-proof, separate control box, free maintenance
* Push & go function allow pedestrian to push/collide the door roughly, no damage, no malfunction
* Support double door synchronization function

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1. With sophisticated technology,the microcomputer controller ensures fast and accurate detection of the door leaf(such as its size and weight),and sets its optimal operating parameters to maintain the optimal running status.

2. With do brushless motor is applied,it is high efficient with large torque and long service life.In addition,the motor is assembled with an electromagnet.When the door is being locked,the locking force can be up to 100kg.

3. The worm and gear are assembled in the reduction gearbox to realize steady running and ultra-quiet operation with helical teeth transmission.

4. Remote control points are designed to achieve convenient switch from normal use to special function.

5. Standby power equipped enables the door motor to automatically run up to 5 hours when the power supply is cut off.

6. It is convenient to install and buried under the ground with two way regression,and the zero position can be adjusted to the same home position through the control system.

7. The door control is optional with remote monitoring the sensor.

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