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Record Type Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

Record Type Telescopic Sliding Door Operator

* New design double layer suspended guide track, exquisite structure convenient for telescopic door track, easy to assemble, free to knock down
* Imported encoder DC motor from Netherland, enclosed with big capacity branded transformer, make the control panel separated from the strong current, much more safe for people

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1. Superior micro-processing technology continuously monitors the position of the door leaf, can accurately control the running speed and stroke of the door body, automatically adapt to different speeds, door width, and has a good running curve, which greatly reduces the running noise.

2. With electronic locking function: it can replace electric lock in general application, that is, the door is detected when the door is closed, and the motor is forced to close.

3. Less parameters (no need to set the opening and closing buffer distance, buffer speed) only 5 items (open door hold time, door open speed, door closing speed, partial door opening range, resistance to resistance), more convenient to use

4. Automatic detection of door weight and automatic assignment of motor starting torque

5. Intuitive digital display, convenient button parameter adjustment, completely solve the inconvenience of the screwdriver potential adjustment and feel the stones crossing the river, and the troubles of parameter loss after contact oxidation

6. Longer life, 2 million times of trouble-free operation, excellent performance and reliability

7. Learning code remote control remote control or controlled by 5-speed gear switch: normally open, half open, locked, one-way traffic and automatic operation

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